Moorli gives you a brief information about the functions in our organization - "You decide what you want to be!"
"In this position you have your own big company. We will help you to achieve this target!"
You run your regional and district manager for success, coordinate and conduct interviews independently.

You are responsible for an entire zip code area, possibly for an entire state. The Sales Manger reports to the Board only.

"As Regional Manager you are on an equal level with managers of small or medium businesses.

But, the cooperation with us is much better paid and more fun!"

As a Regional Manager you will be resposible for a postcode district. It is your task to deliver your business partners with the fundamental skills for this business.. The Regional Manager trains staff, is responsible for promotions in his/her region and organizes training courses for business partners.

You are involved in the training of your partners in a responsible and active manner and you support your District Manager in their business.

As a district manager, you have the option to get more money in return, if you are willing to undergo some additional training in order to give your partner advice for a better business.

Additionally, you are also able to handle centralized buying orders, and forward the goods to your business partners and customers if necessary.

You can run a secondary position if you like to do so. If you decide for a full-time partnership with our organzation, we will route all anonymous customers inside your district to you. Thus, we present the care of the customers and your income safely.

"As district manager, you act in middle management.

However, you definitely earn more if you take our advice.

You can take us up on that!”

"You achieved the second level in our organization and this reflects in higher income.

Build up your own business - we will help you!"

As a Consultant, you have taken the first steps in our organization successfully. Now you can build up and support your own team of business partners - only if you want to do this. You would participate in any turnover of your team - and this for a lifetime!

Because of a good training in the field of recommendation marketing, you will be able to recommend our products very successfully to customers and prospective businesss partners.

"You have already done the most important thing:

The foundation for success has been laid - and business of recommendation marketing is not that difficult.

It´s important that you just do it!"

As a Representative of our organization, you can improve your income easily. It is possible to handle this as a part-time business partner without problems.

You will be supported by us and we will show you how to win new customers. We also give you an idea how to enlarge the range of existing clients and how to use your time more meaningfully.

This position is also suitable in part-time. Fitting for anyone - with some time and the will - to improve the montly income.