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Beauty Instrument - High Technology for a better looking
With the help of ultrasonic, infrared (warmth) and ionization, cosmetic and medicinal ingredients can penetrate better into the deeper layers of skin.

Our beauty instrument combines ultrasound, positive and negative ionization and infrared in one device. This device offers the opportunity to combine 7 possible and mutually supportive functions.

The beauty instrument is used to reduce wrinkles, while increasing the elasticity of the skin. Through the use of ultrasonic and warmth, the pores are more open, and it can effectively convey the desired ingredients into the skin of the problem area. It supports the reduction of crow's feet and swollen baggy eyes.

The negative ions of the momentum boost the fluid intake of the skin in a gentle and effective way . Disturbing redness and blemishes can be reduced and eventually disappear, the complexion is even and pure.
Side effects:

For patients with cardiac arrhythmias or cardiac pacemakers, this treatment is not appropriate at times. To consult a doctor is meaningful in such a case.